Well, it’s not as bad as all that

I find myself constantly comparing YA fantasy books to The House of Night series by P.C. Cast. I am aware that there are many, many fans of this series (otherwise the publisher wouldn’t keep printing the darn things) but it’s just not for me. The writing style (style? somehow I don’t think that’s the right word) is agonizingly teenaged. As in, if I were a teenager still, I’d roll my eyes at it. And let’s face it, I’d feel bad about not warning moms who are buying the book for their Twilight-crazed 9-year-olds that the first time you meet the protagonist’s love interest, someone’s kneeling in front of him and offering a blowjob. In the hallway. In school. He doesn’t take her up on it, but still….

I’ll admit I still want to know what happens, so if you think you can sum up a pretty concise (10 sentences or less) summary of the last 4 books, feel free to comment. I’m not a prude, and I don’t think there are any 9-year-olds around, so if you must comment on risque portions of the narrative, go ahead.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make an hour ago before I was distracted by Restaurant City is that House of Night provides me a handy measuring tool against which to compare other YA supernatural novels. For example, here’s a list of novels I read recently that are not that fantastic, but are still better than Marked:

And a bunch that I read which are much better than Marked, and definitely worth your time:

And a bunch (including their sequels) that are infinitely better than House of Night, in language, plot, style and content:

I’m listed-out for the day. Tomorrow’s new release Tuesday! So I’m sure you’ll get a copy of my receipt about 24 hours from now…


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