Read or Die! Booklovers + Boobs

Read or Die Vol. 1

Read or Die Vol. 1

Now here’s a manga/anime for the book lover: Read or Die, which follows seriously geeky and perpetually book-distracted Yomiko Readman, supernatural secret agent and part-time substitute teacher, Codename: Agent Paper. Her super-power involves being able to defend and attack with a suitcase full of special “combat-grade” paper; the agency she works for is a special task force of the British Museum. Booklovers will relate to Yomiko’s other special abilities–to be completely distracted by any pile of printed paper (or “Oooh! Look at those books” syndrome) and still avoid being run over by a car while reading and walking down the street at the same time. If you watch the show, her bedroom pretty much looks like my apartment on any given day (piles of books everywhere).

Written by Hideyuki Kurata, the anime and manga feature your requisite bouncing bosoms (I mean, really, you can’t leave that out and be authentic), far-out world-takeover plots and some rather silly situations (in the first OVA* episode Yomiko ends up battling a giant flying insect in the middle of a street, politely imploring the bad guy to “Please give me back my book!”).

I haven’t read the manga or watched the 26-episode series, but they’re definitely on my TBR/TBW lists. Two books (one real, one not quite) figure centrally in the OVA:

Immortal Beloved

Immortal Beloved

Saiyuki, or Journey to the West

Saiyuki, or Journey to the West

neither of which I ever plan on reading, but I may Netflix Immortal Beloved, the Beethoven biopic. (Oh hey, look at that–it’s available on Instant Play!)

What are your favorite “booklover” books, movies, and tv-shows?

*Original Video Animation–think of it as direct-to-video, as opposed to having been televised first.


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