Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I sadly will be doing actual labor all weekend (ah the joys of retail) so I’ll leave you with this photo of my sister to ponder…


Standing in one of the best bookstores in Manila… this is the 3rd floor, I think.


Fancy tables!


What’s that over there?

* No copyright infringement is intended on the part of the photographer–I just thought this bookstore was the awesomest and I wished I lived there. Not worked, lived.


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reader, blogger, knitter, foodie, and community event organizer

3 Responses to Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  1. Juju says:

    Sweet! I love book stores with multiple levels.

  2. austenfan says:

    Fully Booked at Bonifacio? This is actually my favorite bookstore! (Filipino here. Haha.)

  3. frootjoos says:

    Yup! My husband and I were in the Philippines in July. My Ninang Tess drove us to Fort… my sister just *had* to have High School Musical 3 on dvd, which is just as well or I would have bought $1000 worth of books instead of just 1 bargain book (^_^) hehe. We would have been overweight on our luggage…

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