Distracted… and IMM 2

It’s been a busy week for me and not much reading done.

  • I had to work a lot because my boss had a death in the family.
  • I played Beatles Rock Band with my husband for five hours on the 10th.
  • My mom lost her dog, then found him again (the prodigal dog!).
  • We had our YABC meeting for Click on the 13th.
  • I posted the winners for the 09/09/09 contest. (BTW everyone, I am waiting for a late paycheck to clear before I can send your stuff… one more day and I’ll have $! Yay! Which I will then turn over to the postal service. Boo.)

I also swore for the 18th time this year that I wasn’t going to acquire any more books… I guess I lied:


In My Mailbox

If I’ve never given credit for this meme before, I do now: Thanks to Kristi aka The Story Siren. I ♥ you.

In My Mailbox: Actual Mail: Alice I Have Been (ARC) by Melanie Benjamin, Swoon (signed) by Nina Malkin (woohoo!)

Bought: Ruined by Paula Morris, Home by Marilynne Robinson, Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble, Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters by Jane Austen and Ben Winters, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Borrowed: A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb (thanks, Jane)

Free: The Informant by Kurt Eichenwald (ARC)

I’m sure there was more, but I’m not ready to admit it.

Tonight’s agenda:

  • Master medium bass on “And Your Bird Can Sing”
  • Finish Home by Marilynne Robinson
  • Start The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
  • Watch Jane Eyre for the 40th time in two weeks

Oh hey! That reminds me of why I was so distracted last week:

Toby Stephens

Toby Stephens


Ok, done fainting. Back to Rock Band!


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3 Responses to Distracted… and IMM 2

  1. Juju says:

    A. FAB stack. I’m jealous.
    B. Who is that swoony man? I’ve never heard of him.

    • frootjoos says:

      He’s Dame Maggie Smith’s son, most famous for his roles as a bad guy in Die Another Day and Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night (with Helena Bonham Carter etc.) and my *favorite* Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre (Masterpiece Theatre).

  2. Brodie says:

    For some reason whenever I see books piled up in a stack like that, it gives me all kinds of happy feelings. I want to grab it and hug it and sniff the pages… hmm, I think I have a slight crush on books!

    Great load of books you have there! Some in there I want to read, others I haven’t heard of which methinks I might need to check out!

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