So, I read a lot. I work in a bookstore, but it goes back much further than that. My mom says I woke her up one morning when I was three years old and told her that the difference between moths and butterflies was in their antennae (well, one of the differences, anyway). I had just read it out of the kids’ section of The Straits Times.

I mostly read adult fiction and young adult sci-fi fantasy, mysteries, fantasies, children’s books, and some non-fiction (tending towards science, math, art and psychology).

I am a very impatient blogger, so you’ll mostly see blurbs, lists, and random outbursts on here. I spend a lot of time on GoodReads; most of my reviews will be cross-posted from there.



One Response to About

  1. Nina says:

    Hi, My name is Nina and i just started my blogg ( well actually today)
    I think your site is great and i just wanted to ask if we could exchange links..

    If you like this, please contact me and i will put your blog on the roll asap.


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