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In honor of relaunching my blogging career (career? hobby? time-suck?) I’m giving away 9 books to nine lucky (and industrious) blog-readers! (click on the photos for age level… more descriptions coming soon) This contest ended 09/09/09 – Click here for the winners!


Each of the nine people with the most points earned will receive 1 of the 9 books listed below.
The person with the most points gets to choose first! Then the person with the next highest amount of points, and so on, and so on until the books are all claimed.
If someone already picked the book you want, you get to choose from the remaining pool.


Earn 1 Point: Comment below–What are you reading right now AND Which prize book(s) would you like to get, if you win (you may list up to 3 choices in descending order of preference, just in case someone with more points than you takes your first choice)… and in case you’ve never played before, this is where you would tell me how many points you are due for completing the challenges.

Earn 2 points each: Post a link to this contest on your blog! (Comment below and link to your link!)

Earn 3 points each: Follow me! Hit the Google Reader, Feedburner, or Twitter links to the right or down here:

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Earn 5 points: Friend me on GoodReads.

Contest ends on Wednesday 09/09/09 (get it?), and winners will be announced Friday, September 11th.

*EDIT* Ok, all! The entry period is over, I’m going to catch some Z’s then tally up points and then post the winners! ^_^ see you in the morning…

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